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Explore History and Technology at the Warhawk

The Warhawk Air Museum was created to preserve history and educate future generations about American veterans and their contributions to securing the freedoms we enjoy as Americans today.

We are now in our 31st year and since our founding the museum has grown immensely. What started as a tribute to WWI/WWII veterans has expanded to include veterans’ history from the Iraq War, Persian Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War & Cold War. The collection includes extensive examples of technologies and their development throughout these periods.The museum is currently developing an exciting STEM program.
The collection includes extensive contributions from lifelong residents of the Treasure Valley and friends from around the globe. All are on display to educate future generations about our national and local history. The museum is full of one-of-a-kind collections of uniforms, photos, medals, weapons and over 2,900 personal narratives describing the experience of battle as well as life on the home front.

"If we forget what they did, we won’t know who we are.”
- Ronald Reagan

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